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M-101 is an modular, tailor-made and eco-friendly protective mask designed for workers. There are over 600 combinations to create the mask that suits you : M-101 is unique ... like you !

  • M-101 with decontamination case and logo

  • Exploded mask

    Exploded mask

  • Combinations examples

  • Mask ordering scenario

  • 3D face scan via mobile app

  • Decontamination case using UV-C technology

What it does

M-101 is adaptable to all professions due to its modularity. It includes a wide range of protective accessories and fasteners which are simply clipped on its frame. It’s an evolutive, ergonomic and innovative solution for companies that need to be equipped.

Your inspiration

The news highlights the need of a barrier object, to protect ourselves from people and environment around us. Today, we can see a major use of the "barrier mask", designed to protect others from the contaminating droplets. But these single use masks are not eco-friendly and we find them thrown everywhere on the nature ! Professional masks offer only three sizes so they are not very anatomical. They are often very bulky and aren't intended to be worn for a whole day. Moreover, professional equipments does not work as a system but must be attached one by one. So, how to provide a good protection for any profession, in any work environment ?

How it works

M-101 mask works as a system that adapts to professions by its modularity and its durability, to the morphology of each worker through its adaptability, to companies by its customization, its ease of use and its respectful design. Tailor-made through a 3D scan of the worker's face via the M-101 mobile application, its minimalist design is personalized thanks to the LAB-101 digital platform. A wide choice of colors and patterns is available, but also the lay of a logo, so that each company can appropriate it as it wishes. A UV-C decontamination case simplifies its use by sterilizing the object in only 5 minutes. USB connection starts disinfection only when the box is closed in order to protect the user from radiation. The decontamination step can then be done everywhere thanks to a portable battery. It’s safe and fast, so each user only needs one mask which can be reused for several years thanks to its sustainable and bio-based materials.

Design process

The lack of professional protections raised the need to find a correct answer for workers. Moreover the use of those provided made us think of a sustainable solution. We got inspired by modern user-adjustable systems. We transferred those approaches over the function of an affordable protective mask, adapted to the daily needs and the morphology of each worker. Sustainability and adaptability are our design objectives. Divers investigations on european morphology were made to build a representative sample and helping us to provide different “comfort points” on the nose, cheekbones, ears, ... We also opted for bio-based materials produced locally in France to guarantee a low impact on the environment as much on the fabrication process than during the use or the post-use. Thus, each part can be easily replaced, recycled or biodegraded. We have also thought about the scenario of use to simplify it: the decontamination case allows rapid and safe sterilization, and the presence of a life indicator on the filter indicates visually when to change it for a full use and an optimal daily protection.

How it is different

Unlike other protective masks, its innovative aspect lies on a plurality of replaceable items, aiming to recomposed and customized the mask to make it unique, perfectly suited and sustainable. Then, M-101 mask could be summarized in 5 adjectives: Adaptable, Modular, Customizable, Easy to Use and Eco-friendly. Indeed, all materials are durable and made in France. The solid pieces are made from Algoblend, composed of brown seaweed and recycled plastic (recyclable, resistant and hypoallergenic). Watertightness supple piece is made from platinum silicone (petroleum free, odorless, hydrophobic and bacteriostatic). Meltblown FFP2 filter is inserted between two spunbond linen layers (natural fiber and antibacterial) and filters 94% of the particles. Straps are made with Fulgar (inert and elastic), castor oil composed. Accessories like the visor are made from Ingeo, an agricultural waste based material (recyclable, transparent and UV resistant).

Future plans

Modularity allows infinite improvements because the fastening system is already present on the mask frame. Then, we can develop new accessories more suited to some targeted professions which will adapt perfectly on the first frame. We plan to develop a transparent filter that will allow people to smile but we also work on an filter alternative. Technical ceramic could be the solution because it would optimally capture viruses and dust and be reusable for life thanks to our decontamination case. Currently we are looking for funds to launch the beta version, as well as associated companies that could help us in its development in Europe.


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