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shopping bag for cyclists by bicyclists

  • PACKTASCHE - shopping bag for cyclists

  • PACKTASCHE introduction video

    PACKTASCHE introduction video

  • Elevator Pitch of Initial Idea

  • First Prototypes

  • Prototype Testing

  • Prototype Testing

What it does

shopping bag for cyclists by bicyclists

Your inspiration

We, two enthusiastic cyclist and architecture students from Vienna, have now been riding for eight years through Vienna on two wheels. The bike would be the perfect mean of traveling through cities and in the countrysideif it was not for the issue of shopping and transportation of things. At the shop we often asked ourselves if our bag is still big enough to transport all the goods safley back home. Is the water bottle too heavy? If the bicycle is really to become the transport mean of future generations, it has to succeed in all everyday tasks, such as transporting things and shopping. The Packtasche, our proposal for a recycleable shopping bag for cyclists, makes spontaneous shopping and other transportation task easy for both pedestrians and mototrists. It would help companies to approach the cycling community and to attract this steadily growing target market.

How it works

The PACKTASCHE attracts two large business sectors. It is useable as service packaging and a transportation device for retail businesses and also as a communication medium for NGOs, events and tourism. In retail the PACKTASCHE is designed for supermarket chains and larger business associations. The key point here is that it allows cyclists spontaneous shopping and much bigger purchases. The PACKTASCHE can therefore increase sales volumes and raise customer loyalty. Furthermore, this new bag offers great marketing and image building opportunities to business assosciations. At the moment the PACKTASCHE is yet used for the most part as an advertising medium. A common cyclist can cover up to 10 km each trip with a relatively slow speed of 12 km per hour on average, which makes the bike the perfect mobile markting device for urban spaces. As a result of these attributes and its innovative character, the Packtasche is the ideal product for urban and regional marketing. Besides these commercial benefits, the PACKTASCHE is still designed and made for it’s users, the common cyclists. For them, we would like to make everyday’s riding even more enjoyable by simplifying their shopping and transportational tasks. This, we believe, can increase the usage of the bycicle and broaden its acceptance within society. We consider the PACKTASCHE as our first small contribution to make the change towards sustainable mobility a reality for future generations.

Design process

We developed the packtasche during an idea competition for “cycling in the city”. The decision which problem to tackle was taken quite fast, the only thing missing was the fabrication material. Cardboard is a widely used material in our profession for building models and due to its favorable attritbutes like stability, weight and recyclability it proved to be the perfect material for our purpose. After building and testing a number of prototypes and several runs of design optimisation we built our first fully useable prototype. Especially the driving characteristics with loaded cargo and the quick and easy transformation from pedestrian-mode to bike-mode were key development goals. After the competition, encouraged by the positive feedback we decided to find a partner in the cardboard business. Our partner the Mosburger GmbH instantly loved the idea and suggested a development partnership. It took us another three months to come up with a working prototype rationalized for mass production. The biggest challenge was the adaptation of our complex design. Some ten versions of protoypes and lots of tests later we had finally had two working prototypes. PT-A with a minialistic design and PT-B with more volume, but also a much more complicated design. As we did not want to take the decision, we made videos, one for each prototype, of the assembling and the usage. We set up an online voting and asked five simple questions about the designs. Almost 350 votes were casted and the clear winner was PT-A which went into production in June 2014. Since then the Packtasche is officially on the market.

How it is different

Future plans


IF Concept Design Award - shortlist

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