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mBaby monitoring system reduces the likelihood of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) occurring, especially in lower-income families through a novel application of cost-effective technology.

  • mBaby device in context, actively monitoring while securely attached to an infants collar.

  • An encapsulation of the mBaby development process, from research to ideation and development.

    An encapsulation of the mBaby development process, from research to ideation and development.

  • If an infant rolls over during sleep, the risk is drastically increased, so parents are notified.

  • The accompanying free mobile alert APP, to seamlessly integrate technology into infant care.

  • A series of sketch developments that encapsulates an element of the design process.

  • The child friendly mBaby monitoring device, component housing and soft silicone strap.

What it does

SIDS can occur to any infant, any family, at any time. However, clear scientific guidance can be followed, but is impractical to continuously enforce. mBaby now allows parents to easily monitor their infant, providing reassurance at a fraction of the cost.

Your inspiration

Each year an estimated 15000 families experience the loss of an infant, typically under the age of 1 years old due to SIDS with the cause still being widely unknown. There are currently no affordable, accessible and approachable solutions on the market resulting in many families not receiving the care they deserve. The mBaby system was inspired by personal experience where SIDS tragically occurred to a close family friend, leaving me to feel completely helpless. Ever since that day, I promised myself to utilise my education, given the opportunity, to develop a solution, so other families don't have to suffer the heartbreak.

How it works

The mBaby monitoring system allows parents to easily enforce the only scientific guidance that directly combats SIDS. Which is to have their infant secured on their back throughout the duration of sleep, as this reduces the likelihood of SIDS occurring by up to 6 times. The system involves two key elements. The mBaby monitor, that passes all required child safety industry standards and attaches around the collar of an infant clothing via magnetic clasp, housed within a soft silicone strap at an array of positions, to ensure the monitor can fit securely as the infant grows. The device actively monitors their sleeping orientation utilising cost effective tilt sensor technology paired with Bluetooth Low Energy communication components. The second element, an accompanying free mobile APP, alerts parents of any alteration to the infants sleeping position while providing further guidance in case of an emergency and notifying available health services.

Design process

The process started when discussing my newborn cousin, I couldn't help think about what happened years ago, and if it would happen again. At the time, I had to identify a brief to pursue, so I thought why not utilise my skillset to ensure it doesn't. Due to the sensitive nature of this project, primary research was simply not an option, so my approach had to be different. The plethora of research studies and frequent discussions with The Lullaby Trust guided my research that ran parallel with any initial development. 3 key focuses were identified: product, technology and system, with each contributing to the next. Analysis of existing solutions guided the product from concept generation to rapid prototyping, providing a platform to comprehensively test technological components which together formed a robust system. Interacted through a responsive UX considered mobile APP. Every prototype was stress tested and placed in usability scenarios to evidence the consist function for users, while being feasible to manufacture at a low cost and desirable to purchase. As a result of the relentless prototyping, persistent development and the sheer means to design a solution, mBaby was born. Fathered by an iterative design methodology, and mothered by data influenced reflection throughout.

How it is different

Due to the novel and revolutionary application of simple technology to monitor any infant, the mBaby monitoring system provides comprehensive reassurance at a fraction of the existing cost, as opposed to the current trend of high-cost, high-tech solutions. Within the well established market of baby monitoring systems, there are currently no widely available products to directly tackle SIDS. The majority of current solutions exclude a large portion of everyday parents by only providing over complicated experiences that can even compromise the privacy of your infant and family. This results in many new parents being priced out and not receiving the reassurance they deserve. The mBaby monitoring system aspires to break this mould and can retail for up to 10 times less than leading market products in the same category, while abolishing the need for a stationary monitoring device fixed to your bedside that hinders the fluid and dynamic life of modern-day parents.

Future plans

mBaby is a contemporary approach to combat real world problems and at a minimum hopes to encourage further low-cost infant monitoring solutions, so parents can finally receive much-needed help without breaking the bank. I personally hope to develop mBaby into a market ready product, while securing a patent of the underlying technology application with support of various funding streams. A key goal is to be prescribed apart of the NHS, due to its simplicity, robust technical underpinning, ease of use and importantly low manufacture cost per unit. One day I truly hope SIDS can be a thing of the past and mBbay is the first step in getting there.


mBaby has been showcased in the Global Grad Show, as 1 of the 100 best innovations that contribute to global challenges by saving and protecting vulnerable lives, while being discussed directly on the Times Radio, featured on CNN and many other press outlets. Along with internal nominations for university based awards.

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