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Pedestrian - 3-in-1 walking aid

Pedestrian is a transformable 3-in-1 walking aid that adjusts to the level of the user's impairment and their recovery process.

  • With our product we welcome you all. Unlike conventional walkers, Pedestrian adapts to you.

  • Pedestrian is a transformable 3-in-1 walking aid that adjusts to the level of the user's impairment.

    Pedestrian is a transformable 3-in-1 walking aid that adjusts to the level of the user's impairment.

  • It can be chosen between use as an arthritis support, forearm crutch and walking stick.

  • Pedestrian puts you at the center, not your impairment, and enables you to live a proactive life.

  • Better together!

  • Due to the transformability of Pedestrian, the number of people who can use the system in-creases.

Was es macht

Unlike conventional walking aids that provide consistent support throughout a dynamic recovery process, Pedestrian adapts to the user's limitations through its transformability and can be readjusted to the user during the recovery process.

Deine Inspiration

Due to an illness, a friend had to undergo a hip replacement surgery. After the operation, she had to relearn and train herself to walk. She relied on walking aids to regain mobility in her daily life. However, it quickly became apparent that existing products were poorly integrated into everyday life. Even from a medical perspective, they were not very practical. During advanced stages of recovery, when one was no longer completely dependent on the walking aids, support while walking was still needed. And in the event of a worsening condition, the assistance provided by the walking aids was not strong enough.

So funktioniert es

Pedestrian is a modular system consisting of various interchangeable modules that can alter the function and appearance of the walking aid. There are three different usage modes that provide strong, moderate, and light support to the musculoskeletal system: an arthritis support, a forearm crutch, and a walking cane. The base of the walking aid is a height-adjustable aluminum tube, to which the modules can be attached, including the armrest, handle, and foot. Pedestrian places particular emphasis on everyday usability. It can stand on its own in all modes, making it non-obtrusive in daily life. Additionally, the system can be quickly and easily compressed. A notable feature is the hands-free use, facilitated by a swiveling arm clamp that allows hands to be used without gripping the walking aid, preventing it from toppling over. An additional hand strap ensures added safety. The flexibility of the foot enable it to adapt to any imaginable surface.


The design process of Pedestrian was extensive. We started by researching and analyzing existing walking aids, taking note of their functionalities, advantages, and disadvantages. We actively involved individuals affected by mobility impairments in the process. We conducted surveys to gather important information from people with mobility challenges, as well as from manufacturers and medical professionals. Based on these insights, we derived a requirements document, outlining specific criteria for the final product. We then evaluated the results and translated them into potential concepts, documenting them in written and visual forms. Through further evaluation and comparison of the concepts, we selected the final concept, which we initially tested with simple functional models. For the development phase, we created a variety of prototypes and conducted an ergonomic study to create a form that would meet the needs of the majority. The prototypes were repeatedly tested and refined with individuals affected by mobility impairments until we achieved the final form. Lastly, we built a scaled design model that demonstrates the transformability and functionality of the product, which we also discussed with individuals affected by mobility impairments.

Warum es anders ist

Pedestrian is different because it recognizes that the healing process is dynamic. There are ups and downs, good days and setbacks. Therefore, a walking aid should adapt to these circumstances. That's why I need an adjustable product like Pedestrian. A significant feature of Pedestrian is its practicality for everyday life. Traditional walking aids only consider the limitation without fully considering the person behind the impairment. Pedestrian offers a variety of functions that make daily activities easier. The system can stand on its own, so it's not a constant obstacle in public spaces that constantly topples or needs to be placed on dirty surfaces. Additionally, it allows hands-free use, enabling activities like shaking hands, opening doors, or using a smartphone without hindrance while keeping the walking aid securely attached to the arm. Moreover, Pedestrian is easily collapsible and portable, making it convenient to carry anywhere.

Pläne für die Zukunft

Pedestrian is already at an advanced stage of development, but it still requires various tests regarding final durability, materials, and other details to turn this concept into a finished product. The specific next steps would involve building a fully load-bearing functional model, optimizing the individual connection mechanisms through additional prototypes, and testing the innovative adjustable mechanism inside the tube using robust models. It is also conceivable to file a patent application and collaborate with a manufacturer to offer Pedestrian to all those individuals whose daily lives it would significantly improve.


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