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An ear examination device with AI enabled camera attachment.

  • AI camera attachment

  • Functional prototype development

    Functional prototype development

  • Internal technology and mechanisms

  • Mid fidelity prototypes

  • Modular clipping mechanism.

  • Induction charging

Was es macht

Oto is an ear examination device with AI camera attachment. Allowing health care professionals to record and upload media onto electronic health records. Oto’s attachment has AI diagnostic support should the user need assistance in determining the results.

Deine Inspiration

Ear infections are very difficult to diagnose, and I have been prone to getting them throughout my childhood and adult life, multiple studies including from the Centre for Disease Control show diagnostic error rates averaging 50%, this has led to antibiotic resistance and increased costs to the medical fees.

So funktioniert es

The modular AI camera attachment is designed to attach onto a traditional lens otoscope and encourages patient interaction as well as providing an accurate recording function, sharing capabilities and diagnostic support. The device features a wireless charging hub and is sufficient for health care professionals both in the practice and on the move. The round touch screen display and focus dial provides a tangible user experience and fine accuracy.


Low-fidelity models informed a form that provides a balance of comfort, control and precision. Mid-fidelity prototypes refined the internal structures and mechanisms before producing an aesthetic model for further testing. The interface and user flow was mocked up and tested to provide a tangible and simple user experience regardless of the user's native language.

Wo ist der Unterschied?

The AI camera attachment is the first of its kind, the device gets more intelligent in identifying and diagnosing ear infections as it does it more and more. There are no otoscopes on the market that utilise a modular camera attachment. Video otoscopes are often too expensive for practices to purchase for every doctor, therefore the solution is one attachment held centrally that can be joined onto several traditional otoscopes within the practice.


Emerging AI abilities have resulted in much more accurate results in diagnosing ear infections, clinical trials are proving that it is capable to put the reliable technology into a housing the size of an otoscope attachment. Next steps include partnering with software engineers and medical device manufacturers to take it to the next step of user trials.


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