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"Vivo" is a pediatric assistant that aims to help reduce hospital stays through projections and interactive stories.

  • Vivo Pediatric assistant

  • ¡This is vivo!

    ¡This is vivo!

  • Research, observation and data analysis

  • Concept, sketching and ideation

  • How does it work

  • Details

What it does

The device generates atmospheres that improve the emotional well-being of the patient, this way, the pediatrician or specialist can carry out the medical procedure in the best conditions. It can also be used for psychiatric treatment.

Your inspiration

The inspiration for Vivo was based on several studies on hospitalization and its effects on children. Because they are not able to go outside they lose track of time, most of them lose important years of their childhood and the opportunity to connect with nature.

How it works

The device has a screen and a projector that flips internally. It's connected to an app that the doctor or specialist can control to the patient's needs. In the app they can find categories such as procedures, emotions, atmospheres. These projections are interactive stories inspired by nature and emotions. It turns the cold room into a pleasant, playful and warm place. In parallel vivo is always connected to the passing of time and the exterior so it can be reproduced inside the patient's room. These atmospheres help the patient regulate their circadian cycle and improve their well being.

Design process

During several hospital visits, we identified that one aspect that affects the most to the well-being of patients, are long stays at the hospital which generates emotional disturbances. This project was born from the need to improve the long hospitalizations for vulnerable patients. We identified that children are highly affected by this since they don't understand the situation, especially in their early years. We saw an opportunity to help change this with a friendly language. These interactions and ways of communication have to respond to a child's environment.

How it is different

The new technologies make products more and more autonomous and this can be a great contribution to the health system. Doctors and specialists control over the device is minimal. It will only take a few clicks in the app for it to work. This product can generate big changes in how children perceive the hospital environment. Nowadays interactive projections are used for entertainment and other contexts but very little in health care eich is why vivo is an innovation for the medical system.

Future plans

Vivo was made based on a study of children and hospitalization. But the plan is to create different product lines for different targets such as young adults, adults and geriatric patients. It will keep the essence of biometism, atmospheres and emotional well being but in a form that is best for the different targets.


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