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Our invention is an hydroalcoholic gel dispenser with an innovative gel replacement and dispensing system.

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What it does

It is used to dispense hydroalcoholic gel. But its main use is to unify in a single system all the different containers that contain gel within the hospital environment It combines a bag system that contains the gel with an innovative system that dispenses it.

Your inspiration

The Hospital Clinic of Barcelona asked us to find a feasible solution for hospital problems, including economics, technology, and healthcare. Our challenge was to create a universal support for soap and hydroalcoholic solution due to the variety of supports and bottles used. However, the real issue was the hospital's lack of distinct identity in public tenders. We focused on the limiting factor: diverse bottles. We proposed a standard bottle design but realized it remained limiting. So we shifted to the content—the consumable—and found a practical solution: using a bag.

How it works

Dispensing system: Investigating more deeply, we arrived at a totally innovative and different system. Thanks to linear actuators (electromagnets), the gel is expelled through a nozzle similar to the one found in ketchup. The liquid leaves the bag through a nozzle, reaches a chamber where a plunger pushes the exact amount of gel through the nozzle.The system is powered by a battery because it can give it some freedom of use and non depending on a plug. Gel bag replacement: We have been inspired by the serum bag system used in hospitals to make it the most pleasant and easy to use for all nurses. The gel is extracted from the bag by means of a clipping system that is hooked to the bag and passes the gel. To insert a new bag, the clipping is removed from the old one, then the new bag is hung from specifically designed supports and finally the new clipping is incorporated into the new gel bag.

Design process

Over the past 5 months, we have been working closely with Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. Through their initial briefing and the visits we were able to make, we observed that the hospital had a significant problem with gel and hydroalcoholic solution dispensing systems. They had many different brands and types of bottles. That's when we decided that we wanted to address this issue and developed a bag-based gel containment system, inspired by existing serum bags. From that point onwards, we began researching a non-traditional gel dispersion system. Once we found it, we started determining the necessary components to make this device and system function. Finally, we encapsulated everything in a casing that allowed for easy installation, proper cleaning, and the desired portability with the designed bag elements.

How it is different

Gel replacement system: A bag replaces bottles for gel storage, offering advantages like efficient use, easy replacement, flexible design, cost and contamination reduction, portability, storage, increased capacity, and a new container system. The bag system serves as a standard in hospitals, eliminating size and shape discrepancies found in bottles. Dispensing method: Innovative linear actuators with high speed and force expel gel through a nozzle. A plunger in a chamber precisely pushes the desired gel amount. This chunk-like gel dispensing offers benefits like precise dosage, hygienic application, focused use, improved user experience, and market differentiation. Hand positioning: The versatile gel launching system allows for variations in hand positions beyond downward dispensing. By slightly adjusting hand positioning, around 25-30 degrees. Horizontal hand placement, which strains the wrists, is avoided in favor of a more natural gesture.

Future plans

Our gel dispersion system has tremendous potential beyond hospitals, extending to public restrooms, building entrances, and other sanitization-needed locations. With increased awareness of hand hygiene due to the Covid-19 pandemic, our product meets current market demands. Envisioning a future where this system is ubiquitous, it can ensure effective gel dispensing and hygiene in diverse public spaces like offices, shopping centers, and transportation hubs. This widespread adoption would minimize infection risks and promote better hand hygiene habits, contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.


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