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NeoShell Baby Incubator

NeoShell is an oval-shaped baby incubator that solves issues of accessibility, cleanliness and safety of current incubators using a unique double dome system.

  • General view of the NeoShell Baby Incubator.

  • Various dome positions and general beauty shots.

    Various dome positions and general beauty shots.

  • Exploded view of the NeoShell incubator.

  • Group of NeoShell in various stages of opening.

  • Internal structure and systems.

What it does

NeoShell is an oval-shaped baby incubator that solves issues of accessibility, cleanliness and safety of current incubators using a unique double dome system.

Your inspiration

This is the result of a Final Year Project in collaboration with Hospital Clínic de Barcelona. The original project briefing was to “improve products in neonatal contests”. After some research and after talking to the medical team of this prestigious hospital, tackling the baby incubator for a redesign was a no-brainer, given all the issues that they, and we, found with all current designs. The oval dome design is a result of us exploring which system would best solve all the identified issues. That shape happened to resemble a flower or a mother’s womb (both symbolising birth and renewal).

How it works

The incubator uses two oval-shaped domes that rotate independently. These two domes combine to have adjustable windows for the nurses to work. There are infinite possibilities: window on one side, window on the other side, windows on both sides, fully opened, fully closed… The oval shape allows the tilt system to be placed under the “egg”. The tilt system prevents newborns from choking. This placement removes crannies from the interior of the incubator. The oval domes are also cornerless, both making NeoShell a much more hygienic design. Having electronically-powered domes instead of doors also lowers the noise level inside for the newborns.

Design process

Brief, research and identifying insights: from September 2022 to January 2023. Concept design of the NeoShell incubator and validation from staff at Hospital Clínic: from January 2023 to February 2023. Developed design of the first iteration of the NeoShell incubator: from February 2023 to June 2023. Validation from staff at Hospital Clínic: July 2023.

How it is different

NeoShell differs completely from traditional incubators. Traditional incubators are hot and humid boxes with doors that keep babies alive. Our design tackles all of the issues encountered: Access is no longer limited to tiny doors. Tilt mechanism moved below, leaving a clean interior space. Humidity droplets no longer accumulate on the ceiling and hurt the baby. Silent electronic operation. Babies need a dark space to thrive. The two domes allow the interior of the incubator to be dimmed using polarised glass rotated 90º one from the other. This is currently done with blankets.

Future plans

We are planning on continuing development of this innovative baby incubator. This project is costly and winning this prize would contribute to that purpose. The immediate next step is designing the second iteration of the incubator, taking into account a few issue found with the current design.


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