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Safe drinking water sourced from thin air using solar thermal energy

  • Eva - The Shape of Water

  • Proof-of-Concept working prototype of Eva

  • Orthographic view of Eva showing panels in front and dispenser in rear

  • Envisioned 10 Liter Eva in a rural location

  • Advanced features and characters of Eva

What it does

Eva is a decentralized and modular solar thermal Aquapanel which adsorbs water from thin air and converts it into a potable safe drinking water, thereby promising a future where taps don't go dry and women don’t have to walk miles in search of water.

Your inspiration

Our world is facing an acute water crisis. WHO has cited that over 884 million people have difficulties in accessing clean drinking water. This doesn't feel right especially when our atmosphere holds 3 Quadrillion gallons of untapped water. Eva is an Idea born to solve this at various stages - Sourcing, Accessing and Delivering. While conventional techniques sees it as 3 different things, Eva holistically provides a single point solution. Tendencies of Darkling beetles and various desert plants aided us to find directions in accessing the solutions

How it works

Eva extracts pure drinking water from atmospheric air using solar thermal energy. The process involves passing atmospheric air over a hygroscopic Material which adsorbs the moisture present. Once the hygroscopic material reaches its saturation volume, Sun's heat is focused on it using Concentrated Parabolic Collector [CPC]. This vaporizes the water molecules adsorbed which is later passed over series of aluminium tubes. This condenses it into liquid water droplets which are collected and passed over mineral cartridge to make it potable. Eva is embedded with sensors to measure real-time environmental and weather data which is relayed back to the device's internal controllers which uses these parameters to regulate the operating parameters, there by making it an Self sustained smart device. This can be kept on Urban rooftops of residences, schools, railway stations, rural households etc and helps in reducing our reliance upon ground water.

Design process

Eva is brought to life by understanding the problem that it is designed to solve. Hence, the size and capacity had been well thought to be kept minimal and modular. We have set our preliminary goal to create 15 Litre units which can be potentially used for a family of four for drinking and cooking. Since the rural population are the most vulnerable, device is designed with simple DIY assembly methods and light weight [ 15L - 100Kg approx]. Using CPC had advantage in non-requirement of regular tracking of sun. This made the device further simple with one directional sliding based on season. Dual pump helps in pulling humid air into the system and pushing the water formed to the dispenser at human height level for anthropometric ease in controlling. Device will be further attached with interactive screens in front to give information to user about collected weather data and possible analysis for the business. [Example - Selection of crops to farmers of rural area]. This makes the device more life-like addition to our environment

How it is different

Renewable: When most of available technologies to extract water are high electricity consuming, Eva breaks the ground by being self sustaining pure solar based device. Modular: Eva is a module device that will be fabricated at various based capacity such as 5, 10 and 15 Litres. A micro-grid of several of these Aquapanels can provide drinking water for entire community. Life like: Eva is interactive at various levels. It gives visual feedback of weather condition, audio feedback of emergency and reponse and sensory touch feedback when using dispenser taps. Versatile: Being sleek and Compact it can easily assembled at any location, and using non imaging solar collectors aids in generating water even from arid climatic condition. Decentralized: Eva does not have any strings attached to electricity or ground water. Making it most independent device that you can choose where you want it to be.

Future plans

Eva is currently an early stage working proof of concept prototype. It is undergoing intense site tests at different locations varying from arid to tropical climatic zones, rural to urban environments, in India to understand the various conditions where it can perform to its function to its fullest. Later after the results and research, Eva will be appended with all the smart features and design elements and will be mass fabricated for helping people find their water in their doorstep and solve one of the major threat to the developing nation


Eva's proof of concept prototype has been nominated as Global Top 5 finalist at XPrize water Abundance 2018 for generating water from air at the price bracket of 3-4 cents USD.

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