• Moka in situation
    Moka in situation
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    Moka - how it's made
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    Moka - fixation system
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    Moka - explanations
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    Moka - bottom view
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    Moka - field of action
How does Moka work ?
What It Does

Moka is an urban system that deals with tiger mosquitoes disease transmission risks. Without harming them, Moka will attract them, feed them and cure them. In this way, we are treating the origin of the matter with mosquitoes.

The Inspiration

Because of a great proliferation of mosquitoes and an increasing number of cases (malaria, chikungunya, dengue, zika …), we have been working on a solution for this worldwide issue, as only a few countries succeed in facing it.
Moreover, most of the existing solutions are not taking the ecosystem into account. Moka preserves the biodiversity, protects mosquitoes’ chain food and make it harmless.

How It Works

Moka is a 3 solutions in one :

- Moka attracts mosquitoes :
By maintaining an ambient temperature with a heating pad and by emitting CO2 produced by yeasts and sugary water mix, Moka becomes a potential target for mosquitoes.

- Moka feeds them :
Mosquitoes fly under the Moka device to reach the food tank. The food is man-made, created from a protein: vitellus, which can be found in our blood. The artificial membrane (paraffin wax) mimics human skin.

- Moka cures them :
An antibody is inserted into the food supply, which will stop virus’ migration from mosquitoes stomach to its salivary gland.

Stages of Development

Moka was born during an international competition: the Artscience Prize developped by David Edwards, that we won. We wanted to reach a humanitarian goal with an international impact.
After weeks of researches, we had decided to work on a worldwide issue : mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry.
We worked with many engineers and searchers from Harvard (USA) and Centrale (Paris) to find a viable solution that can prevent human beings from getting transmitted diseases.
Nowaday, we are working on a new version of Moka, more efficient and more self-sufficient. We are planning on developing the prototype by August 2016.


Moka is unique as we are the only one to have a solution that treats with the origin of mosquitoes transmitted diseases, without harming the biodiversity. In fact every existing solutions aims at killing them by using insecticides that pollute many ecosystems.
Some other solution like traps exist, but they are not that efficient. In addition to this, they kill mosquitoes and perturb the natural food chain.
Moka aims at curing them and letting them free.

Future Plans

We are planning on finishing the second version of Moka, on finding financial ressourses in order to make our first in-field test, before producing in a larger scale on the international market.


Artscience Prize 2015 (France)
Well-being trophies 2015 - health