Haize, the smart compass

Haize, the smart compass

  • Haize, smart compass
    Haize, smart compass
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What It Does

HAIZE is minimalist navigation for urban cyclists.
It is designed focusing on high quality materials, style and simplicity.

HAIZE works like a magic compass that, instead of pointing north, points to the destination you set in our app.

The Inspiration

All being active cyclists in big cities we often felt the pain of having to navigate through the city to new locations.

There is no good solution for urban cyclists on the market today. Using Google maps forces you to pull out your phone constantly or listen to a nagging voice in your ear. Strapping your precious smartphone to your
bike leaves the phone exposed to the weather, and the cyclist has to follow routes made for cars. Cycling GPS solutions are both clumsy and expensive.

So we set out to find a navigation solution for urban cyclists that is simple, safe and delivers value for money. And most importantly, help the environment

How It Works

HAIZE combines stylish design with high value materials and innovative functionality. The product is used together with a smartphone app.

The solution proposed for this problems is Haize, a Bluetooth enabled compass that uses the phone GPS and Bluetooth to point to the final destination, providing easy readable information that the cyclist can also interpret on the go.

This strategy allows freedom about choosing the preferred way to reach the destination, saves the need of placing the phone on top of the handle and adds a nice device to the bike while also being cheaper than other navigation devices.
The use of the Haize device will be fun and non-intrusive, allowing for a free navigation of the city, and in combination with the app, to improve the overall cycling experience.

Another big market could be the turism, by integrating the device into Boris Bikes or similar.

Stages of Development

- Working prototype developed
- Around 100 articles from e.g. Wired, Dezeen and Gizmag, Zeit Online, Gründerszene and many more
- Secured partner for final development as well as all production partners
- Set up online shop for pre-order
- Patent pending technology


1) A “magic” compass. Simplification of an ancient product. Instead of pointing North, our compass will point to the user's desired destination. Market validation >2000 years of use.

2) “Humane” navigation. Rather than blindly following instructions, the cyclist chooses roads and turnings as he pleases. He is not reprimanded “Perform a U-turn” or “Recalculating route...”.

3) Breaking navigation down into two different tasks, and using completely different interfaces for each task. Inputting the destination: a smartphone app with all the rich graphical interface features, map, search and text entry features consumers are used to. Getting to the destination: the simplest possible visual representation

4) “Hidden” technology. Consumers do not seek high-tech products, rather convenience and capability. To maximise commercial impact, we will iterate our prototype designs by testing with a diverse user group and optimising for user experience.

Future Plans

With HAIZE onomo has launched a first product in the bicycle / leisure navigation sector. Our vision is to develop HAIZE into a leading device in it’s sector while constantly exploring new ideas and opportunities. We are evaluating ideas and concepts within the areas of navigation (e.g. boats, GPS based devices for areas without mobile coverage etc), connected technology (e.g. other bike technology, smart home technology) and urban development (e.g. bike-car interaction).


Finalist ADECCO awards