Bloom Inhaler

Bloom Inhaler

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What It Does

Bloom is a credit-card sized inhaler. It holds 6 doses of relief medication, and is refillable with your prescription inhaler canister. With Bloom, you can leave your bulky inhaler at home.

The Inspiration

I grew up with close friends and family who were severely asthmatic. Asthma attacks are unpredictable. For this reason, people need to carry their inhalers with them everywhere they go. Those who live with a chronic disease often feel dependent on their medication. I want to give some independence back to asthmatics, by redesigning the inhaler to completely defer to the user.

How It Works

Bloom is refilled using a patient's prescription inhaler. The nozzle of the inhaler is inserted into the refilling valve, creating a hermetic seal. With each pump of the inhaler, one dose is transferred and stored into Bloom for use at a later time. When the user feels an asthma attack coming on, they can use Bloom like an ordinary inhaler: one press of the trigger administers one precise dose of medication deep intro the lungs.

Stages of Development

Since its concept the team has grown by an order of magnitude. We now have medical advisors and FDA regulatory experts guiding our development. We have working technology and are in the process of gathering data on the device to submit to the FDA.


The design of meter dose inhalers has not changed in 40 years. While effective, they are incredibly inconvenient to carry. Every diagnosed asthmatic is prescribed one, and is advised to keep it on them in the event of emergency.

Other treatments for asthma do exist:

Dry powder inhalers use the inhalation force of the patient to deliver medication in the form of a fine powder. However, dry powder inhalers are not suitable for asthma attacks since the patient cannot breathe deeply.

Another option is a nebulizer, which atomizes liquid medication that the patient can inhale. These require arduous setup and a power supply, taking precious time that someone may not have in the event of an emergency.

Bloom is by far the best option for people living with asthma, allowing them to pack light while always being covered.

Future Plans

We are now looking to partner with pharmaceutical companies to bring Bloom to as many people as possible.


New York State Business Plan Competition, 2nd place in Healthcare.
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Business Plan Competition, 1st place.
RECESS Pitch Competition, finalist.