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Register to enter the James Dyson Award. From here you will be able to create a profile and submit your project for a chance to win $45,000. You can also register to stay up-to-date on the James Dyson Award and learn more about previous entries.


What Will Your Details Be Used For?

Your details will be used by the James Dyson Foundation for administrative purposes only and will not be shared with any other organization. In the case of any media inquiries, the James Dyson Foundation team will contact you before we share any details. You can then choose to speak to the journalist directly or the James Dyson Foundation team is happy to liaise with them on your behalf.


What Will Your Telephone Number Be Used For?

Occasionally the James Dyson Foundation team will need to contact you directly – particularly when media is interested in your design. Please provide the best number to reach you directly.


Proof of Eligibility

You will need to provide official documentation to verify that you are studying an engineering or design subject (or graduated with an engineering or design degree within the last 4 years) at a university in a participating country.

You can upload a file in PDF, MS Word, or JPEG format that verifies your student status or graduation. Examples of appropriate documentation are: transcripts, a signed letter from your professor or dean, dated class schedules, grade reports, or your degree certificate.

  • Accepted file types: pdf, doc, docx, jpeg, jpg.
    FIle must be smaller than 3MB.