The moveker C1

The moveker C1

  • The moveker C1
    The moveker C1
  • Mechanism Detail
    Mechanism Detail
  • Conceptual Design
    Conceptual Design
  • Engineering
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Testing one of the first prototipes of the moveker C1
What It Does

Amusement, versatility, autonomy: Drive for levers, it forms other one of moving…

The Inspiration

This project arises from a contest of the School of Engineering of the University of Oviedo: " Design and Disability ". In those days the promoters of the project decided to make something not specific for people with disability but do something that all the persons could use. They thought about the children and specially about those that they have "distrofia muscular", that they can move all the parts of his body but that they may have no sufficient force to use a normal bicycle. It is born there the tricycle stimulated with the arms (rowing with levers) and the legs (pedals). One granted patent, two others in the process, the experience of three years developing mechanisms and a committed team result in a business project , and is when I agree to the team!. From here we have continued developing on the basis of the initial idea different products, presenting the most ambitious of all at this competition: The moveker C1: An alternative vehicle that moves driving levers by way of rowing.

How It Works

The moveker C1 is an alternative vehicle based on universal design and that it can also be used by people who have no mobility in the lower stem as an alternative to the traditional wheelchair. These are the advantages and the problems it solve regarding the traditional concept:

- More mobility: the use of gears and the moment generated by the lever makes that you can go further, faster and with less effort. Ease on the climbs and descents. Hardness and advance of the levers is configurable according to the needs of the user.

- Fewer injuries. Studies done in the school of sports medicine suggests that the continued use of a wheelchair traditional derives in many cases in shoulder injuries. Drive in the moveker C1 is paddling, pulling back the lever/s, which uses powerful muscles of the back, arms and chest, reducing the impact in the shoulders.

- Wide range of users: there are people who cannot use a traditional wheelchair because they don't have strength and/or coordination enough in hands. Operation of this vehicle (forward, reverse and brake) is made through simple and intuitive movement without additional control display or lever.

- Is not necessary to touch wheels with all that it implies: dirt, wounds on the hands, etc

- Higher maneuverability. Using levers allows you to completely change the set-up of the chair with preventing the use of large wheels on the back with which reduces the size of the Chair both in length and in width equals stability. Turns are also greatly reduced.

- Posture upright and stable

Stages of Development

On the idea of drive by levers, we wanted a vehicle that would be a real alternative to the wheelchair, bringing greater efficiency and mobility.We follow the common process of industrial design. In a first phase established the initial requirement and starting from there, we drew different conceptual designs. On the chosen, he worked in the detailed design and engineering. The most complex part and that it has required more resources has been the drive mechanism. From the outset we set out that it could go forward, reverse and stop with simple and intuitive movements of the lever without incorporating additional control display/levers brake or shift, which has made the mechanism that transfers the movement of the lever to set whatever especially decisive in the smooth functioning of the assembly. Moreover in addition, changes in the mechanism involved modifications on the chassis.

Right now is practically finished the final prototype prior to market, although it has been necessary to make other three prototypes of the complete set and dozens of prototypes of the mechanism or parts thereof used for the validation of the operating principle or refine some points.The design has evolved especially relevant being the time in which it was decided to change completely the principle of operation of the mechanism and start from scratch.

The manufacture of the prototypes we make them in the mechanical workshop of the school of engineering of the University of Oviedo, outsourcing the manufacture of some parts in other companies.

During the development process, the following actions were done:
- Tests with real users
- Tests on specific machines fatigue.
- Tests in the Sports School of medicine (University of Oviedo)

We have a patent already granted and two others that are in the application process.

Currently the marketing stage is starting, being the objective for this end-year to place the product on the market under our trademark moveker.


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